The Nomad World Pub in Milwaukee places 2012 Euro Cup ideas into motion

As the 2012 UEFA Euro Cup fast approaches, Milwaukee's longest running soccer bar, is excited to lend a helping hand to those prepared to celebrate.
The Nomad World Pub on 1401 E. Brady Street in Milwaukee is Milwaukee's longest running soccer bar and was ranked this season by Google because the 'Place to Watch the World Cup". Nomad was also recently because of the title as one of the 'Top 25 American Soccer Bars' to watch the Euros with the Bleacher Report.
To inspire all who join The Nomad to the Euro Cup frenzy, customers could have a chance to get in on some additional fun by using Nomad's popular 'passport." The idea behind the "passport" is made for each game you attend at The Nomad, a stamp are certain to get put in the passport. Each stamp represents a raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a prize. Prizes vary from: A Chicago Fire experience, The Nomad World Pub keg party, Official Euro Cup game ball, a trip to Las Vegas plus much more!
Should customers need to treat themselves much more, these are asked to bring in their final Euro Cup brackets the chance at additional raffle tickets.
'The frenzy with this year's Euro Cup started weeks ago. Maybe it is because with the excitement that surrounded the final World Cup ' but The Nomad is ready on an awesome Euro Cup,' said Owner of Nomad's website World Pub, Mike Eitel.
In preparation with this year's Euro Cup games, The Nomad will open its doors at the beginning of anticipation for record crowds. Giveaways can happen each day along with a partnership with Carlsberg setting up a 'Carlsberg Club' for $20 can give members a limited-edition Nomad Euro Cup tee, special Carlsberg glass, $3.50 refills through the Euro Cup and lastly other fantastic membership perks.
For more details The Nomad's World Pub Euro Cup celebrations along with the full Euro Cup schedule visit the website at: .

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